From student to entrepreneur

Are you a (PhD)student and do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? Then this site is for you!

What is StartHub Wageningen?

StartHub Wageningen is a breeding place for entrepreneurial minded(PhD)students and recent graduates of Wageningen University, who wish to start their own business.

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What do we offer?

Interactive workshops, micro-credits, housing, coaching by experts and a network with all the professionals or peers that you’ll need while growing your business.

What does it cost?

Coaching, workshops and accessing our network is free for members. You can work for free at the flex-spots. Want to rent your own office or want to know more about our services?  

Are you interested in becoming a member? Please contact Jannet via the form below.

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Want to get involved?

If this breeding place has drawn your attention you can become a Member of StartHub Wageningen. There are no fees charged, but we would like you to be actively involved in our startup community. This means to take part in workshops or to visit our network events. You can find all the advantages of becoming a Member by contacting us.

Who are in our team?

The StartHub Wageningen team consists of Jan Meiling (Director) and Jannet de Jong (Incubation Manager).
Jan and Jannet can help you with any questions you might have about entrepreneurship and starting your own business.

If you have a question or would like to make an appointment, you can fill in the contact form below.

How do you contact us?

Check out our Facebook page and see what’s happening, or drop by in Building 119 at the Wageningen Campus. Doors are open on weekdays from 9 till 5, but you can also make an appointment and share your thoughts with us.


  • +31 (0)317 – 485 678

  • Building 119 – Wageningen Campus – Vijfde Polder 1 in Wageningen

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Where is StartHub Wageningen located?

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