Day 3: Business Model Canvas, Pressure Pitching and Braintrust

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Another day with a lot of new things to learn! It’s sunday and today the groups have been finalizing their ideas for the weekend. Looking at customer profiles, Milkshake designs and product ideas was the way to go during the morning. In the afternoon the groups had to improve their pitching skills; with the least amount of words they had to create a large impact. We ended with reflection, supported by some snacks and ice-cold beers.

Blog by Zsolt, one of the participants
“Day 3 provided us many new things to learn. First we looked at the Business Model Canvas with Bart Doorneweert, we zoomed in and analyzed the Value Proposition Canvas which focuses more in detail on the costumers needs and how can we help them. Being specific and defining these elements can be very difficult, especially in this early stage, and when Robin Balser asked us to define our business in one sentence it seemed almost impossible to squeeze our ideas in one tiny line. But this was already part of the Pitching exercise which aims to pitch your idea on a short, clear and catchy way mostly under huge pressure. After every group successfully presented their pitch, which was quite impressive we formulated mixed groups and learned a peer review method by using the principles of BrainTrust technique. We already learned a lot, and all this new knowledge still needs to sink and settle. Some of the participants quit after this long weekend but several groups will go on and continue their startup journey during the coming 5 days as well.”

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