Do you want to become a StartHub Wageningen member?

Becoming a StartHub Wageningen member is great! It offers you a wide range of advantages. Think about flex workspots in the StartHub, a whole series of workshops, which you can attend for free. Furthermore we offer coaching and support for our members while they start their business. Last but not least, there are many network drinks you can attend, also free of charge.

Check the graph below for a lost of what you get for becoming a member or becoming a renter.

StartHub Services Member Renter
€ 25 / annual € 100 / month
Flex working space
Own Office desk x
Printing/Scanning x
Phone connection x
Using audio/visual equipment x
Use of conference rooms
Office-hours experts
coaching by experts
Meeting other entrepeneurs
Accessing StartHub’s network
Weekly Drinks! Network event
Receiving e-mails
Access Monday-Friday 8.30-17.30
Access Monday-Sunday 7.00-21.00 x

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