Day 2: Business models, customer research in the city center and how to handle conflicts

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This morning we started with a session about the business model canvas. A great model to make ideas more concrete and to work out different scenarios. After pitching our ideas with help of the canvas (only explain about your idea, customers, price and channels). We got into customer research and went to the market to talk with future customers. After a hang-out at the StartHub we ended the day with a session about conflict management.

Blog by Zsolt, one of the participants
“Saturday is the day to lay back and relax but not for the entrepreneurs. Stepping out of our comfort zone is being part of the entrepreneurial journey so despite the terrible weather, the startup teams were ready to continue to work on their projects. In recent years one of the most popular and practical ways to describe your business idea is the Business Model Canvas (by A. Osterwalder) so Bart Doorneweert explained us a learning by doing exercise and we put together our first Canvas. Having ideas and great plans is a good thing but in the end the market will validate your activity and effort. After we quickly went through the principles of the MOM test (by R. Fitzpatrick) there was again time to take action. The cold wind, rain, some social anxiety and chances for awkwardness were out there waiting for us. But the teams had the courage to approach random people at the market and collect as much information as possible. That was a market research at the market. Towards the end of the day we went back to the StartHub  and shared our experiences. We teamed up in the last two days and already overcame challenges with joined effort. So in the last part of the day we heard some stories fairytales and nightmares from Robin Balser about teambuilding and co-funding. Startup week Wageningen is a pretty intense and hands on learning experience, we are looking forward the next days.”

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