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“This year I helped the board get the most out of itself by listening carefully to its needs and challenges.”Stijn de Vries, Studentboard Chairman and Business Developer 2016-17
Why you should do a board year!

You will have to delay your studies, it may seem like a lot of responsibility, and it has “nothing” to do with your studies. Overall, there seems to be plenty of reasons not to do it, but as most of you know, many companies like to see what extracurricular activities you have been involved in during your student life and, unsurprisingly, doing a board year is one of those activities that pops out the most as this article points out here.

“Now that I have a full time job, I am still profiting from the competences I developed during my board year every day!”Heika Es, president of Ovum Novum

Radboud University shares some quotes of former board students who are now in the work force and recommend doing a board year (link here). Heika Es, president of Ovum Novum says,

“Having experience in a Student Board is a great addition to your CV. You experience diverse organisational processes and phenomenons. You get the space to play and fiddle around, thus creating your own organisational strategy. In academic courses, developing these competences is usually not addressed. Therefore, grab your chances and develop yourself! Now that I have a full time job, I am still profiting from the competences I developed during my board year every day!”

Still not convinced? Check out AISEC’s 6 benefits of doing a board year (link here):

  1. Develop leadership potential and responsibility
  2. Develop communication skills
  3. Discover your qualities and expand your field of interest
  4. Explore the options to expand your social and international knowledge
  5. Expand your network
  6. Have the best year of your student time!

If you have kept reading until now you must be curious what possible options there are at StartHub! Keep reading!

We Want You! for student Board 2017-18
“It has been the best learning experience to understand how the booming community-based economy works.”Sarah Haimes, Studentboard Community Manager 2016-17

Board Positions

New Deadline! April 16, 2017

Send us an email with your motivation letter and CV to 

Business Developer

Learn to:
Expand and maintain a wide network of professionals
Spread an innovative mindset
Inspire companies and individuals to invest in entrepreneurship

As the business developer, you are strategic, self-reliant and not afraid to just go for it. You are an excellent communicator, and be able to quickly process information to easily react on it.

Your job will be to expand and manage the network with the university, partners, ambassadors, municipality, mentors, coaches and the nation-wide incubator community. You will also get the chance to expand our current partnerships with corporations, expert coaches and mentors.

Community Manager

Learn to:
Build a thriving and lasting community
Connect your community with professionals that can help them
attract and maintain new members engaged in our community

You are caring, fun-loving and creative. Connecting with people is easy and you enjoy keeping them in the loop. You have the responsibility to nurture a friendly, stable and engaging spirit within the building. As community manager you are the contact person for everyone in the community. You keep them informed of opportunities available within our nation-wide network. You connect them with mentors, experts and coaches that are present in our community.

Events Coordinator

Learn to be:
A fantatsic host & read your guests
Grab the attention of speakers
Create an educational program for entrepreneurship

As the events coordinator you enjoy cretaing, organising and evaluating events. You are responsible for organising a full program that will help studnets in two ways:

  • Develop their entrepreneurial mindset
  • Help develop necessary skills they need to start a business.

Furthermore, you wil create and maintain relations with guest speakers and possible co-creators for events.

Brand Manager

Learn to:
Design & execute promotion campaigns

create and maintain StartHub’s Brand

Use multiple media platforms

As brand manager you will be responsible for the image of StartHub to the outside world. You know how to present, you are creative and you love personal contact. You will do the marketing for events, recruitment and StartHub as a whole. You know how to maintain an engaging online presence. You know when to take pictures and videos to show the image StartHub has. Experience and passion for creating videos and posters is a plus.

“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.”Aristotle

Current Student Board

We want to introduce you to our Student Board.

From the left to the right:

Stijn de Vries – Business Developer
Sarah Haimes – Community Manager
Iepe Bouw – Events Coordinator

Stijn de Vries

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Sarah Haimes

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Iepe         Bouw

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